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Seton Hall Law School

Fifth Annual Health Law Works-in-Progress Retreat at Seton Hall Law School

February 5, 2021, from 1-4pm EST.

Virtual (Depending on the number of submissions we receive, we may also schedule a second virtual event for another afternoon.)

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Seton Hall Law School’s Center for Health & Pharmaceutical Law & Policy is pleased to announce the Fifth Annual Health Law Works-in-Progress Retreat. The purpose of this retreat is to give health law scholars an opportunity to share their work and exchange ideas in a friendly, informal setting. The retreat is open to anyone with an academic appointment in health law, including professors, fellows, and visitors, in any institution of higher education (not just law schools).

During the retreat, we will engage in an in-depth discussion of 2-3 draft papers. For each paper, we will designate two commentators, each of whom will have about 10 minutes to present comments and suggestions. The author will then have 5 minutes to respond, after which we will open the floor to a general discussion among all retreat participants.

In addition, we will be adding a new feature to this year’s retreat: a lightning round of “raw meat” proposals, where participants will be invited to give 2-3 minute summaries of ideas they are planning to write about but have not yet fully fleshed out, followed by questions and discussion among the group as a whole.

If you are interested in having your paper presented, we ask that you submit a preliminary draft or, if that is not possible, a detailed introduction or outline of at least 5 pages, no later than November 20, 2020. Submissions should be sent to Catherine Finizio, at, who will anonymize them before distributing them to the selection committee. We will select the papers to be presented by December 11, and we will then identify two commentators for each of the papers. Final drafts will be due on January 22, 2021. Drafts will be made available to all participants on a password-protected website.

If you are interested in participating in the lightning round, please email, also by November 20. You may participate in the lightning round whether or not you have submitted a paper.

If you have any questions about the retreat, please contact contact Professor Carl Coleman at

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