Call For Papers Sixth Annual International & Comparative Urban Law Conference



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07/11/19 to 07/12/19

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Sydney, Australia


The Urban Law Center at Fordham Law School and University of New South Wales (UNSW) Law

Call For Papers
Sixth Annual International & Comparative Urban Law Conference

11 Jul 2019 - 12 Jul 2019, University of New South Wales Law - Sydney, Australia

The Urban Law Center at Fordham Law School and University of New South Wales (UNSW) Law are pleased to announce a call for participation in the Sixth Annual International and Comparative Urban Law Conference. The Conference will be held on Thursday, July 11th, and Friday, July 12th, 2019, at UNSW Law in Sydney, Australia.

Since 2014, this annual Conference has welcomed leading scholars from a range of urban law perspectives to present their research. Now in its sixth year, the Conference will build on this tradition, again providing a dynamic forum for legal scholars from around the globe to share diverse international, comparative, and interdisciplinary perspectives on the intersection of cities and law.

TOPICS: The Conference invites scholars to address the full range of urban law topics, including:
- The structure and functions of local authority and autonomy
- Urban and metropolitan governance, finance, and urban political economy
- Economic and community development
- Housing laws and the built environment
- Legal challenges facing cities in developing nations and the Global South
- Citizenship, participation and urban activism
- Migration and citizenship laws
- Urban equity, inclusion, and urban public health
- Sustainability, climate change, and resilience

The Conference will facilitate engagement across sub-specialties within the legal academy and across legal systems internationally to help deepen our understanding of urban law in the twenty-first century.

PROPOSAL SUBMISSION: Please submit a proposal of up to 500 words to Please put "[Name of Proposed Paper, First Name, Last Name]" in the subject line of your email. If you have a draft paper, please include it with your proposal, but participants do not need to have prepared a formal paper in order to join the Conference. The Urban Law Center is also pleased to be able to award partial travel grants for this Conference, although funds are limited. In your e-mail, please indicate the extent of your funding needs, if any.

Deadline for proposals: January 10, 2019, although earlier submissions are encouraged.

PUBLICATION: The Urban Law Center has developed a book series compiling cross-cutting global perspectives on law and urbanism, with a core focus on comparative enquiry. The first volume in the series, Law Between Buildings: Emergent Global Perspectives in Urban Law, was released in 2017, and the second volume, Global Perspectives in Urban Law: The Legal Power of Cities, is forthcoming in December 2018. While publication is contingent on publisher acceptance, if you are interested in potentially being a part of a future volume in this series, please indicate this interest with your proposal. Acceptance for contribution to the book series will not be determined until after the Conference, and the decision is based on a variety of factors including quality of the submission, explicit relation to urban law, and the thematic development of the series.

ABOUT THE URBAN LAW CENTER: The Urban Law Center is committed to investigating the role of the law and legal systems in contemporary urbanism through scholarship, pedagogy, programming, and applied research. For more details, please visit

ABOUT UNSW Law: UNSW Law is one of the world's top-ranking law schools, with a focus on progressive and rigorous legal education and research. The Faculty has particular strengths in property law, as well as urban governance. UNSW is located in the beachside suburbs of Australia's largest city, Sydney. For more details, please visit

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