Call for Papers - Police Brutality: Its Chilling Effects, and Solutions



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Seattle, Washington


Seattle Journal for Social Justice

The Seattle Journal for Social Justice is excited to announce its symposium entitled “Police Brutality: Its Chilling Effect and Innovative Solutions” on Friday, April 6th, 2018. We will examine this crucial issue from contrasting perspectives. We hope to explore the challenges and fundamental changes needed to address this issue. The journal welcomes papers for presentation at this symposium and for potential publication in the Seattle Journal for Social Justice.

“Police Brutality” is a topic addressed throughout the country by a variety of constituencies. We are especially interested in papers and presentations from all academic disciplines, from practitioners, and people in the field and on the ground. This topic triggers questions about the application of law and justice as it applies to race, culture, gender, religion and socioeconomic status as they relate to policing and communities. The Seattle Journal for Social Justice hopes that this symposium will serve as a platform for researchers, practitioners, and community organizers to interrogate, to analyze, and to create new developments in this arena.

"Presentation proposals (including the title, authors, and an abstract) should be sent to (with the subject line: Symposium Proposal) by January 10, 2018."

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