Call for Papers: Making International Economic Law Work: Integrating Disciplines and Broadening Policy Choices



Event Date: 

09/30/16 to 10/1/16

Location name: 

Georgetown University Law Center in Washington, DC


The American Society of International Law's International Economic Law Interest Group


The conference will comprise:

Academic paper presentations drawn from an open call for papers

 Invited papers and keynote speakers

 Roundtable conversations with practitioners, governments officials, NGO representatives, think tank members

I. Overall Concept and Themes

Overall theme: Making International Economic Law Work: Integrating Disciplines and Broadening Policy Choices

We welcome paper proposals relating to the conference theme, or aspects thereof. One objective of this conference is to transcend the traditional trade, investment, finance and private ordering silos. We accordingly seek proposals that focus on cross-cutting issues.

From a research agenda perspective, we hope to foster a reflection on what international economic law as a discipline might look like when research focuses on the reality of blurred boundaries between the traditional fields of trade, investment, finance and monetary law.

From a policy perspective, we hope to explore the implications of legal imports from one field into another, how legal and policy options might be expanded in the face of converging trade, investment and financial law, as well as through emerging private and public-private sorts of ordering. Because the blurring boundaries have created challenges as well as opportunities, we also look forward to proposals identifying chasms and tensions that need to be addressed.  

We encourage submissions on all aspects of international economic law, including those that do not focus on cross-cutting issues. The themes listed below are illustrative only and non-exhaustive. If your paper fits within one or more of these themes, please make a note of it in your proposal.

Illustrative Themes:

 Cross-fertilization opportunities between trade, tax, monetary and finance law: How does monetary law impact trade and finance, and vice-versa?

 Soft law in international economic law: Are there lessons to be drawn from financial regulation for trade and investment?

 How does regionalism shape and challenge international economic law?

 Dispute resolution in the face of trade and investment treaty convergence: What are the opportunities and challenges raised by recent innovations?  Is a unified system possible or desirable?

 International economic law and systemic risk

 Public-private partnerships in international economic law

II. Paper and Panel Proposal Submission Papers:

The deadline for paper proposal submissions is June 24, 2016.

Please submit an abstract of no more than 500 words and please indicate when you anticipate completion of the paper and whether the paper has been accepted for publication or has been published. If applicable, please indicate place of (anticipated) publication and date.

Please also provide a CV or resume, your current affiliation and whether you are a member of the IEcLIG.

Abstracts will be peer-reviewed and decisions will be issued on August 1, 2016.


We also invite panel proposals, particularly relating to the illustrative themes above. Please indicate, in no more than 500 words, the approach, anticipated content and format of the panel, proposed speakers with their affiliation and their field of expertise. The deadline for panel proposal submissions is June 24, 2016.

Please note that panel proposals may be combined or amended by the conference organizers to take into account the range of submissions. Invitations will be issued on August 1, 2016.

Papers will be due on September 4, 2016 for dissemination to other panelists, moderators and conference participants in advance of the event.

Materials should be sent to

III. Publication Opportunities

We are very pleased to announce that the Georgetown Journal of International Law is partnering with the International Economic Law Interest Group to publish an issue collecting papers from the conference, subject to selection by the Journal’s Editorial Board. Further information about the publication process will be conveyed to selected proposal authors in due course. Unless indicated otherwise in your proposal, we may share abstracts with Journal Editors. 3 Georgetown University is the home of the Journal of International Economic Law and members of the Editorial board will be in attendance at the conference. Selected presenters may be invited to submit their paper for consideration by the Journal.

IV. Conference Details

The conference will take place at Georgetown University Law Center located in Washington, DC (USA) on September 30-October 1, 2016. Washington, DC is easily accessible with domestic and international airlines. For ASIL members, the registration fee is expected to be approximately $95 (which will cover some meals). For non-ASIL members, the fee will be $125. Students will enjoy discounted rates. We will be applying for CLE accreditation for a number of sessions. Please understand that budget constraints prevent us from providing any travel or other financial assistance to conference participants. This conference is co-sponsored by the Institute of International Economic Law at Georgetown University Law Center. 

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