Call for Papers: CYBERSPACE 2016



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11/25/16 to 11/26/16

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Masaryk University, Brno, Czech Republic


Institute of Law and Technology, Faculty of Law in cooperation with the Faculty of Social Studies, Masaryk University Brno, Czech Republic and the European Academy of ICT Law

CYBERSPACE 2016 call for papers XIVth international conference organized by the Institute of Law and Technology, Faculty of Law in cooperation with the Faculty of Social Studies, Masaryk University Brno, Czech Republic and the European Academy of ICT Law 25-26 November 2016 

Papers are solicited to the following streams: Law: Cybersecurity, Cybercrime, chairs: Václav Stupka, Jakub Harašta, ilustrative topics: cyber terrorism, cyber warfare, response teams, digital forensics, ius ad bellum/ius in bello, the NIS directive

Law: eCommerce, eFinance, chairs: Zsolt Balogh, Libor Kyncl, illustrative topics: information society services, EDI and EFT regulation, model laws on eCommerce, burden of proof, dispute resolution, ADR and ODR in eCommerce, online gambling, eBanking, eInsurance, ePensions, online investments, eFX markets, electronic payments & money, payment systems & portals, informal value transfer systems, property and money in virtual worlds, Bitcoin and Blockchain, eCommerce taxation, eFiling, fiscal cash registers, electronic registration of transactions and suspicious trades, online AML and CTF measures incl. due diligence Law: Government 2.0, eJustice, chair: Ludwig Gramlich, illustrative topics: open government, open data, on-line dispute settlement, re-use of public sector information, on-line public procurement, on-line legal counselling, e-identity, mobile government, e-participation vs. e-democracy?, social media strategies in the public sector

Law: Intellectual Property On-Line, chairs: Andreas Wiebe, Matěj Myška, illustrative topics: copyright, digital rights management, open source, open access, exceptions and limitations to IP, fair use, fair dealing, protection of software, licensing, P2P networks, trademarks on-line, collective management of copyright, trademarks in auction and search servers, enforceability of free licences, free/open software, TDM and limitations, IP in public sector information, protection of raw data. International Internet Law, chair: Dan Svantesson, illustrative topics: Brussels I, Rome I, Rome II and the internet, cross-border on-line defamation, place of damage, electronic choice of law and choice of forum, international on-line arbitration, cross-border consumer arbitration, cross-border eCommerce, cross-border consumer protection, cross-border online intellectual property issues, public international law and the Internet, private international law and the Internet, extraterritoriality online

Law: Privacy and Surveillance, chair: Aleš Završnik, illustrative topics: Privacy on-line, Internet surveillance, smart surveillance, anonymizers, social networking surveillance, ISPs, law enforcement and intelligence snooping, marketing surveillance, PET technologies, right to be forgotten, cyber counter-surveillance, big data surveillance

Ideas for Cyberspace, chairs: Herbert Hrachovec, Radim Polčák, illustrative topics: any valuable thoughts for the present or future of cyberspace

New Media and Politics, chairs: Monika Metyková, Jakub Macek, illustrative topics: online political communication, new media and election, campaigns, the role of social media in democracy and democratization, social networks and transformation of journalism, new media and political mobilization, internet and transparency of government, the impact of WikiLeaks

Internet and Society, chair: Kristian Daneback, illustrative topics: digital media and civic participation, online public spheres, new media in everyday lives, web 2.0, internet governance, digital divide, communities in cyberspace, hacktivism, free culture movement, anthropology of cyberspace, gender and internet, gaming, society and cyberspace, new media and social services

Psychology of Cyberspace, chair: David Šmahel, illustrative topics: influence of the Internet use on individuals and family, children and adolescents in virtual worlds, Internet addiction, identity in virtual environment, counseling on the Internet, on-line therapy, Internet and sexuality, human personality on-line, virtual social groups, virtual communities, blogs, games on-line, MMORPG and virtual worlds, online communication, e-learning, opportunities of Internet use, cyberbullying, online victimisation, intimacy and Internet, technology and health, online risks and opportunities

Religion in Cyberspace, chair: Vít Šisler, illustrative topics: religious normative frameworks in cyberspace, networking diasporas, religious collaborative environments, online counseling, on-line fatwas and cyber muftis, new religious movements, religious discourses in cyberspace

Video Games and Society, chair: Cyril Brom, Zdeněk Záhora, illustrative topics: social aspects of video games, digital game-based learning, serious games, on-line gaming, videogames as a research tool, work-in-progress papers are welcome

Freedom of Speech Online (special track), chair: Martin Husovec Law: Research Data and Open Data (special track), chair: Michal Koščík Written papers are not mandatory.

Accepted papers will be, depending on their topic, published upon peer review in: MUJLT - Masaryk University Journal of Law and Technology (, print and on-line, listed in SCOPUS, EBSCO, Hein Online, ERIH Cyberpsychology (, on-line, listed in SCOPUS, EBSCO, ERIH PLUS, Directory of Open Access Journals Important dates

Abstract submission deadline: 31 July 2016 Notice on acceptance deadline: 31 August 2016 Conference dates: 25 – 26 November 2016 Papers for journal publication deadline: 11 February 2016 Abstract formal requirements Range: max. 1.500 characters incl. spaces

Submission: on-line at Paper formal requirements and submission Papers published in MUJLT: Papers published in Cyberpsychology:

Conference fees full pass - speakers: 1490 CZK (approx. 55 EUR) full pass - delegates (not presenting a paper): 1890 CZK (approx. 70 EUR) full pass - VIPs (upon special appointment): FREE student pass light (programme only): FREE student pass full (all refreshments, Friday reception, Saturday lunch): 590 CZK (approx. 22 EUR) last minute (on-site) registration: 2190 CZK (approx. 80 EUR) dinner fee: Saturday conference dinner with free complimentary drinks - 590 CZK (approx. 22 EUR), last minute (on-site): 690 CZK (approx. 25 EUR) – Saturday dinner is not included in any of above passes

The registration will be carried out on-line through the conference web at The registration opens 1 June 2016 and closes 10 November 2016 (after that, it will be possible to register onsite).

Conference addresses Conference website: Central conference e-mail address: Mailing address: Masaryk University, Faculty of Law Institute of Law and Technology Veveří 70 611 80 Brno Czech Republic Conference officials General Chair Radim Polčák Deputy Chairs Danuše Spáčilová, David Šmahel Programme Committee Zsolt Balogh, Cyril Brom, Kristian Daneback, Ludwig Gramlich, Herbert Hrachovec, Libor Kyncl, Monika Metyková, Matěj Myška, Radim Polčák, Dan Svantesson, Václav Stupka, Vít Šisler, David Šmahel, Andreas Wiebe, Aleš Završnik Publicity Officer Monika Stachoňová Financial Officer Jakub Harašta Hospitality Officer Jakub Míšek Programme Officer Pavel Loutocký Technology Officer Václav Stupka

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