Call for Papers The 2016 Regional Conference of the Asian Society of International Law



Event Date: 

06/14/16 to 06/15/16

Location name: 

Ha Noi, Viet Nam


Asian Society of International Law hosted bty the Diplomatic Academy of Vietnam

Asian Society of International Law Regional Conference International Law and a Dynamic Asia Ha Noi, 14-15 June 2016 Call for Papers The 2016 Regional Conference of the Asian Society of International Law will take place in Ha Noi, Viet Nam, hosted by the Diplomatic Academy of Vietnam.

The Conference will consist of plenary sessions and a number of agorae. In addition, the Conference will feature two special agorae on the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement and the establishment of the ASEAN Community – two remarkable developments in 2015. The Conference provides an excellent forum for speakers to share innovative and original ideas in wide-ranging areas of international law with a view to stimulating debate and promoting further research; this is also an opportunity to foster contacts between participants. Papers presented in agorae should focus on the field of international law connected with the overarching conference theme and the description of the agora as described below. Papers should be unpublished at the moment of presentation and be at an advanced stage of completion. The working language of the conference is English.

Theme of the Conference The 21st century is frequently called the “Asian century” with most countries in the region recording remarkable economic growth. Economic links within the region and beyond are constantly increasing, examples being, among others, the conclusion of the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement and the ongoing negotiations of the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership. Further development in terms of regional integration has also been achieved especially with the establishment of the ASEAN Community. Yet Asia, dynamic and diverse as it is, comprises high-income industrialised countries and emerging economies but is also home to two thirds of the world's poor. The region remains fraught with numerous political crises, intractable territorial and maritime disputes and unresolved ethnic and social conflicts.

Against this background, it is high time that legal scholars and practitioners 2 discussed the role of international law in creating an environment conducive to the safe and efficient movement of goods, services and people across borders, maintaining peace and stability in the region and addressing non-traditional security challenges. The 2016 Regional Conference of the Asian Society of International Law will offer a great opportunity to share Asian perspective on and approach to the legal issues that arise from the recent developments in or related to the region. Topics of Papers Proposals for papers are now being invited on the following topics:

1. International economic law: trade and investment;

2. Intellectual property rights;

3. International commercial arbitration, including investor-state arbitration;

4. Private International Law, especially choice of law and jurisdiction for international contracts in Asia;

5. National implementation of international law;

6. Human Rights, including Asian perspective on the protection of human rights, international and regional monitoring and enforcing human rights, business and human rights;

7. The protection of refugee and other forced migrants;

8. International environmental law, including transboundary air pollution, climate change and freshwater resources;

9. Law of the sea, including territorial and maritime disputes, safety and security of navigation, the protection of the marine environment and sustainable development;

10. Peaceful settlement of international disputes: diplomatic and judicial means;

11. TPP and other (Mega-)Regional Trade Agreements;

12. The establishment of the ASEAN Community in 2015.

All persons interested in international law, be they academic or practitioners, government officials or NGO officers, are encouraged to participate in and apply for positions as agora speakers. Papers are expected to provide an Asian perspective on or adopt an international/comparative approach to the listed topics.

Submission of Paper Proposals Paper proposals, for which joint submission is possible, will be reviewed by a 3 selection committee who will make decision based on the following criteria:  Originality and innovativeness of the work  Links to the conference theme 

Only one abstract per author will be considered Abstracts (in word or PDF format) in no more than 500 words must be submitted via e-mail to with the following information:  Author’s affiliation details and one-page biography  Author’s contact details, including email address and phone number  Author’s affiliation to the Asian Society of International Law. Preference will be given to existing members of the Asian Society of International Law in the selection process.

 Any enquiries about the paper selection process and the Ha Noi Conference may be addressed to email address above.

Timeline  The deadline for submission of abstracts is 15 April 2016  Successful applicants will be informed by no later than 01 May 2016  The deadline for submission of fully developed papers, which should be no more than 10 000 words, or more detailed abstracts, is 05 June 2016. 

The conference begins on Tuesday 14 June and ends on Wednesday 15 June 2016 Finances All selected agora speakers must register for the conference and, if AsianSIL members, will be eligible for a reduced conference registration fee and an invitation to the conference reception. Neither the Diplomatic Academy nor Asian Society of International Law will cover expenses for travel and accommodation. Publication Paper presenters are encouraged to submit finalized papers to the Society’s Asian Journal of International Law. Publication is subject to a double-blind peer-review and editorial discretion. Details may be found on the Journal’s Website