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Utrecht School of Economics, The Netherlands


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Call For Papers
Special Issue of The Review of Industrial Organization

In June, 1977, the U.S. Supreme Court, with its decision in Continental T.V. v. GTE Sylvania, mandated use of a rule of reason approach deciding the legality of manufacturer-imposed restraints on distributors' locations under the antitrust laws. Along the way, the Court reversed the rule of per se illegality for restraints on distributors that had taken ownership of a product contained in its barely 10-year-old decision in Schwinn, cast vertical restraints as restricting intrabrand competition while promoting interbrand competition, and declared that "Interbrand competition ... competition among the manufacturers of the same generic product ... is the primary concern of antitrust law." One may argue that GTE Sylvania was the first step in an evolutionary process expanding the scope of the rule of reason generally, and leading to the application of the rule of reason to resale price maintenance in Leegin.

We invite submissions to a Special Issue of The Review of Industrial Organization devoted to GTE Sylvania and its aftermath, on its 40th anniversary. Contributions that highlight the impact of the decision on all aspects of U.S. antitrust and its influence on the treatment of vertical restraints in other competition policy regimes around the world are welcome.

PAPER SUBMISSION PROCEDURE: Submissions should be made by e-mail to either:

Jeroen Hinloopen Utrecht University School of Economics P.O. Box 80125 3508 TC Utrecht The Netherlands,

Stephen Martin Department of Economics Purdue University West Lafayette, IN 47906 USA,

Submissions should be received by February 29, 2016. Papers that are selected will be presented and discussed at a workshop, hosted by the Utrecht School of Economics, to take place in Utrecht on May 19, 2016. Final versions of papers will be prepared after the workshop. Limited funds are available to partially reimburse travel expenses; housing is covered for the nights of May 18, 2016 through May 20, 2016. Authors of papers that are accepted for inclusion in the Special Issue will be informed about the details of the workshop by March 31, 2016.

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