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Florida Wildlife Corridor Foundation

The Florida Wildlife Corridor Foundation announces the first request for proposals to accelerate land conservation in the Florida Wildlife Corridor. The Corridor is an 18-million acre geography stretching from the Everglades to Georgia and west to Alabama. Its conservation helps ensure Florida’s wildlife populations are connected and protected. Because the area within the Corridor is large and diverse (in ecology, human activities, parcel size, and economics), Corridor conservation requires a variety of tools (including but not limited to acquisition and easement).

The Foundation is soliciting proposals for innovative, creative, novel solutions to scaling land protection in the Corridor. To catalyze development of such solutions, the Accelerating Connections grant will provide up to $2,000,000 total across up to five award winners for implementation of selected projects.

Winning projects may include novel approaches to finding willing landowners, leveraging private capital or donations for land protection, establishment of new natural capital market schemes, or other solutions we haven’t thought of yet.

Criteria for selection include:

  1. Implementation of a new mechanism, tool, method, activity, or collaboration that achieves lasting land conservation within the Florida Wildlife Corridor.
  2. Evidence of the long-term sustainability of both the conservation outcomes and the process created.
  3. A scalable approach such that the activities can be replicated to secure new conservation on tens of thousands of acres of Corridor lands per year.
  4. A focus on engineering conservation in the high-urgency areas of the Corridor—i.e., those most likely to be converted to development by 2030.
  5. Further, projects inclusive of underrepresented communities in the conservation sphere will be looked on favorably.

Winners must be willing to present their project ideas and implementation success at future summits or similar gathering.

The Letter of Interest (LOI) will open May 1 – July 1, 2022 and will consist of a short questionnaire. After review, a subset of applicants will be invited in early August to submit an application this Fall.


Submit a Letter of Interest on the main site, linked below.