Call for Papers: Legal and Ethical Aspects of AI in the Biomedical Field



Event Date: 

08/15/22 to 08/17/22

Location name: 

Ottawa, ON, Canada


IEEE Computer Intelligence Society

Carlo Cattaneo University in Italy is announcing a Call For Papers in connection with the 19th IEEE Conference on Computational Intelligence in Bioinformatics and Computational Biology that will be place on 15-17 August, 2022 in Ottawa, ON, Canada." 

In recent years, the development of AI systems aimed at supporting clinical decisions has greatly expanded, employing a wide range of techniques, such as machine learning and deep learning. AI systems are used for a variety of applications, such as diagnosis, personalized medicine, triage assessment, disease prevention and monitoring, and drug development. In some areas, such as radiology, the performance of AI systems has even surpassed that of humans. However, the biomedical field is also a sector in which complaints, litigation, criminal charges for medical malpractice, and administrative fines are increasing worldwide, therefore special attention should be paid to legal issues that may arise from the use of AI systems. AI systems may, in fact, have a significant legal impact on multiple stakeholders: researchers, producers, health care professionals, patients, and society as a whole. From a legal point of view, the whole AI life cycle generates the need for regulatory and ethical compliance. In addition, due to the known issues regarding discrimination in health care, the ethical assessment is also extremely important. At a global level, there is a call for the development of Trustworthy AI systems, which is particularly important in the biomedical field. This Special Session aims at gathering scholars who are investigating new directions and ideas in the field of AI and Law, in particular in the biomedical field. It welcomes papers regarding any legal issue (including privacy) and ethical aspects of AI systems; in particular, we are interested in Automated Decision-Making systems (ADM), applied in the context of the biological or medical domain.

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