Call for Papers: What governance for online platforms?



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European University Institute

What governance for online platforms? Towards digital constitutionalism 

Meeting and call for blogposts  

26 November 2021  

10.00 am - 6.30pm (CET)  

hybrid – EUI 


The question  

Digital constitutionalism is a growing concept within the scholarship, especially when looking at platform governance. A view of constitutionalism as an architecture of governance is an appealing idea, connecting the legal, market, and technology narratives. However, there is still substantial disagreement as to its definition and scope. From legal approaches, through the development of transnational Bills of Rights, to market approaches based on antitrust or techbased solutions, Digital Constitutionalism welcomes the diverse views on the future of constitutionalism in the digital age and its relationship with platform governance. To debate these diverse notions of the topic, we call on colleagues working on digital constitutionalism to answer the most foundational question: 'What is Digital Constitutionalism?’  

How to apply  

Please submit your expression of interest in participating by sending an email to and with: 1) curriculum vitae; and 2) your short blogpost (1500-2000 words)  

Submission: 1st November 2021  

Replies: 10th November 2021  

Selected contributions will be published in the launching series of The Digital Constitutionalist blog