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Journal of Gender, Social Policy, and the Law

As the Associate Executive Editor of Articles for the Journal of Gender, Social Policy, & the Law, I am delighted to inform you we are currently accepting article submissions for publication in our upcoming issues. The latest Washington and Lee Law Review rankings list the American University Journal of Gender, Social Policy, & the Law as one of the top-cited legal periodicals in the U.S. and selected non-U.S. regions in the subject area of Social Policy, Gender, Sexuality and the Law. 

You can submit your article for consideration by email to, or through Scholastica. The Journal accepts submissions on a wide variety of topics and subjects within the legal field. We are interested in topics about disability law, racial justice and the law, constitutional issues, gender-based legal issues, health law, LGBTQIA+ issues within the legal system, and other related topics. To see our past publications, please visit and Westlaw for a complete list. 

However, please note we do not accept articles written by law students. We look for articles that present new legal arguments or perspectives about timely legal issues relating to U.S. laws directly or comparatively. There should also be substantial legal analysis throughout the piece. We prefer 15,000 words more or less, including at least 150 footnotes. Generally, we evaluate articles depending on many factors such as the strength of the argument, novelty, complexity, policy considerations, and whether the overall topic(s) falls within the Journal’s subject area.

We look forward to receiving your article submission.


Kaitlyn Calogero