Call for Session Ideas: 2022 ASIL Annual Meeting



Event Date: 

04/6/22 to 04/9/22

Location name: 

Washington, DC


American Society of International Law

2022 Annual Meeting Theme: Personalizing International Law

As we emerge from one of the most isolating years in our memories, we invite reflection on how international law is experienced by individuals, communities, business organizations, and other non-state actors, the ways in which these actors shape international law, and how states might react to these efforts. From those combatting disease, seeking asylum, facing unemployment, resisting eviction, or struggling to access basic nutrition, to others who may just be wondering "what is the relevance of international law for me?" – this year's Annual Meeting focuses on how people, independently or collectively, interact with international law. Specifically, the 2022 Annual Meeting will examine how international law is experienced personally. Questions that will be addressed include:

  • How do individuals experience international law in their daily lives? 
  • How do non-State actors contribute or pose challenges to the creation, evolution, interpretation, and enforcement of international law?
  • What and who is prioritized in the public and private application of international law?

This focus is particularly significant today when the daily lives of most of the world's people have been upended and recalibrated by a global pandemic, massive economic losses, climate challenges, and persistent racial injustice. In this time of crisis convergence, the Society's Annual Meeting is a call to examine the ways that international law meets or fails people's expectations and to explore ideas of how international law can better address these and other challenges.

NEW! "Thematic" Tracks:

For the 2022 AM, we invite submissions from scholars, practitioners, and others for the following thematic tracks that will explore topics that cut across subject matters. The experience of international law is not monolithic and the program's tracks reflect that reality. Our goal is to facilitate discussion on these themes from a diverse array of perspectives and fields. A subject area could qualify for any number of these tracks based on the questions raised in the idea submitted. We thus encourage participants to propose submissions that explore a question or topic related to our theme across multiple subject matters.


  • International Law Beyond the State
  • "What about me?": Exploring Relevance for the Individual
  • The Isolationist Challenge
  • International Law in the Information Age
  • Community, Social Movements, and International Law
  • Navigating Crisis Convergence  
  • The Competing Values of International Law

Call for Session Ideas

To suggest an idea for the 2022 Annual Meeting, please use the Submission Form (below). Deadline is July 12, 2021.

Selection criteria:
The Annual Meeting Committee welcomes ideas addressing this year's theme both within and across the many subfields of international law. Drawing on submitted ideas, the Committee will create a program with the following goals in mind:

  • coverage of a breadth of timely international law topics of interest to ASIL members;
  • participation by individuals from a variety of backgrounds; and
  • a vibrant exchange of ideas through the use of innovative program formats.

Important note on how the ASIL Annual Meeting program is developed:
The Annual Meeting Committee appreciates the work required to submit an idea for an Annual Meeting session and all submitters will be acknowledged in the Annual Meeting program. Nonetheless, given the large number of submissions, the inevitable similarities between some ideas, and the goals and themes articulated above, not all ideas will fit into the Annual Meeting program. The Committee reserves the right to modify and adjust submitted ideas, combine them with other ideas, or utilize elements of ideas in creating the Annual Meeting program.

To submit, see the original website below.