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Applications are regional. The following is the North American application. For other regions, please see the original website, link below. 

International Law Foresight Project ILA 2023 - Comité de la prospective

Updated: Aug 28, 2020

Dear international law practitioners, scholars and students,

I am following up on the invitation to participate in the International Law Foresight Project ILA 2023 - Comité de la prospective.

In 2023 the International Law Association is celebrating its 150th anniversary, and the ILA France organizers of this event (whether it will be an in person or virtual conference) are keen that the celebratory conference in Paris not only be a retrospective, but that it also look to the future for what is needed to continue to question, build and improve global rule of law. 


The ILA anniversary organizers are seeking to engage the next generation of international lawyers to invigorate the ILA and shape future directions for the development of international law.  In the next three years there will be a global effort to engage international law scholars and practitioners to develop this forward-looking international law agenda. 


This work is being coordinated regionally. Because this is a futures project, coordinators have been asked to encourage participation of younger practitioners and scholars. I would also encourage collaborations between more senior and junior practitioners and researchers.


As the North American research coordinator, I am writing now to invite you to submit to me by November 30 a research proposal of 200 words, a methodology description of 100 words, and a biographical note of 50 words (please use the chart below).  The proposals will be reviewed and then authors will be asked to submit short essays of 1000-2000 words.


The best pieces will be published on the ILA Canada website in the autumn of 2020 and shared with the global coordinating group.  In the coming months we will also organize a virtual colloquium to discuss and develop the proposed research topics.


Since Catherine Kessedjian provided the indicative list of potential topics (see below), the global response to the COVID-19 pandemic has overshadowed all of us, highlighting some of the weaknesses of international law and governance, in relation to health protection, inequality and marginalization, gender and human rights, economic security, environmental resilience and international solidarity.


We invite proposals that consider these evolving circumstances. You are also encouraged to suggest any topic that you consider will be important to the future of international law.


•             Governance

•             Self-regulation

•             Party autonomy

•             Sustainable development

•             The role of business enterprises

•             Diversity (gender, culture etc.)

•             Indigenous peoples

•             Artificial intelligence and big data


As noted in my earlier correspondence we will do some of our work regionally as the North American group but also seek to work with the other regions to produce global projects. Many of you will have useful networks to facilitate this kind of interregional research and collaboration. 


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch.  I look forward to receiving your proposals in the coming weeks.


Thank you and best regards, Oonagh


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  • Are there regional or international partners?
  • Are you considering virtual collaborations?


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