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Antitrust Law Journal

Call for papers:  Antitrust Law Journal symposium

Proposals due by February 12, 2021

             The Antitrust Law Journal seeks article proposals for a symposium on U.S. antitrust institutions.

            The symposium will focus on government enforcement of federal and state antitrust laws in the United States.  It will analyze whether the current lineup of government enforcers, with overlapping responsibilities, is well suited to meet the demands of modern antitrust enforcement.  The symposium will focus not on antitrust doctrine, but on U.S. enforcement institutions themselves.

            The editors seek articles that address one or more of the following topics:

  1. If one takes the current lineup and responsibilities of government antitrust enforcers as a given, what can be done to improve the collective performance of those enforcers?
  2. How could one change the lineup and responsibilities of government antitrust enforcers to optimize the system for modern antitrust enforcement?
  3. In cases brought by government antitrust enforcers, how could one improve the adjudicative process, including enforcement decisions, how cases are litigated, and the performance of the courts and other tribunals?

            The editors actively seek diverse viewpoints and diverse scholarly approaches.  Submissions for this symposium will be peer-reviewed and selected with these goals in mind.  Although the symposium is not a historical or comparative project, the editors welcome articles with historical or comparative features.

            Editorial-board chair Matt Sawchak, executive editor Tina Miller, and Professor Bill Kovacic are leading this symposium.  They are heading a working group with a wide range of academic and professional experience and a wide range of views on antitrust policy.

            To be considered for this symposium, please email a 300-word or longer abstract of your proposed article to Tina Miller at by 3 pm U.S. Eastern time on Friday, February 12, 2021. 

            We also welcome complete drafts of articles, as long as those drafts include an abstract.  Articles for this symposium can range from essays to articles of up to 15,000 words (including words in footnotes). 

            Once the editors choose articles for this symposium, complete drafts of those articles will be due by October 15, 2021.  All acceptances will be conditioned on timely submission of drafts and successful completion of the journal’s editing process.

            The journal limits its contents to articles that have not been published elsewhere.  In your cover email to Tina Miller, please state whether your proposed article—or a substantially overlapping article of yours—has already been published elsewhere (other than on SSRN or a similar platform for works in progress).

            At a later stage of the process, the editors will ask the authors of potential articles to address the journal’s policy on potential conflicts.  Here is a link to that policy:

            If you have any questions about this call for papers, please email Tina Miller at  Thank you.