Post date: 08/23/21 | Abstract Deadline: 09/15/21 | Event Date: 12/9/21 to 12/10/21

Location: Virtual and London, UK

Call for Papers

We welcome theoretical, empirical, historical and doctrinal analysis that investigate:

Post date: 08/23/21 | Abstract Deadline: 09/1/21 | Event Date: 03/22/22

Location: N/A

Call for Book Chapters 

Fostering First Gen Success and Inclusion: A Guide for Law Schools Summary and Purpose of the Book 

Post date: 08/20/21 | Abstract Deadline: 08/25/21 | Event Date: 10/23/21

Location: Virtual


Call For Paper 

Theme: Business and Human Rights 

Post date: 08/20/21 | Abstract Deadline: 09/6/21 | Event Date: 10/27/21 to 10/28/21

Location: Virtual

Notice of online Academic Symposium and Call for Papers

“Family and Vulnerability”

October 27-28, 2021, at the College of Law and Business in Ramat Gan (Israel)


Post date: 08/14/21 | Abstract Deadline: 09/30/21 | Event Date: 10/21/21 to 10/23/21

Location: Saint Paul, MN

Since 2014, IIPSJ has sponsored the IP Mosaic Conference, a peripatetic scholarly forum in which legal scholars and policy and social activists present and develop progressive theses in the field of IP Social Justice. Through the Mosaic Conference, IIPSJ collaborates with a law school host to provide a venue in which to explore the social ordering function of IP protection in the total political economy, particularly the law’s social justice obligations in promoting human rights and actualization, cultural and technological progress, and self-determination and nation-building.

Post date: 08/14/21 | Abstract Deadline: 09/3/21 | Event Date: 06/1/22

Location: Geneva, or hybrid circumstances depending

Workshop Series:

New Directions in the Theory & History of International Law


Convened by Daniel R. Quiroga-Villamarín Supported by SNSF Doc.CH Grant P0GEP1_20077/1 – ‘Architects of the Better World  Graduate Institute, Geneva


Post date: 08/14/21 | Abstract Deadline: 11/15/21 | Event Date: 11/15/21

Location: N/A

Call for Papers

On the occasion of our online symposium “Does the Exception Swallow the Rule?: The Compulsory Settlement of EEZ Fisheries Disputes under Part XVof UNCLOS”, we invite you to submit your paper for our GoJIL-Focus Section on the topic.

Deadline for submissions is 15 November 2021

Post date: 08/14/21 | Abstract Deadline: 09/2/21 | Event Date: 01/11/22 to 01/13/22

Location: Virtual

Call for Papers

Crowdsourcing and the Decline of the Individual

 Journal symposium Law and Ethics of Human Rights, January 11-13, 2022

Convenors: Shelly Kreiczer-Levy & Tamar Megiddo

The College of Law & Business, Ramat Gan, Israel and the Law & Ethics in Human Rights Journal (LEHR) invite submissions for the LEHR annual symposium to be held online on January 11-13, 2022.

Post date: 08/14/21 | Abstract Deadline: 12/3/21 | Event Date: 02/25/22

Location: Virtual

Virtual Colloquium on Race, Racism, and American Media—February 25, 2022

Co-hosts: Georgetown University Law Center & University of Houston Law Center

Updated Call for Participation

Post date: 08/14/21 | Abstract Deadline: 09/10/21 | Event Date: 11/19/21

Location: Virtual

Call for presenters: Online conference on the UNWCC 19 November 2021