Post date: 01/28/21 | Abstract Deadline: 02/12/21 | Event Date: 10/15/21

Location: N/A

Call for papers:  Antitrust Law Journal symposium

Proposals due by February 12, 2021

             The Antitrust Law Journal seeks article proposals for a symposium on U.S. antitrust institutions.

Post date: 01/28/21 | Abstract Deadline: 02/5/21 | Event Date: 07/1/21

Location: Virtual


Law and Humanities Roundtable 2021




July 2021 (date tbc, online)


Theme: Change and the law: hope, opportunity, shock and dread


Post date: 01/28/21 | Abstract Deadline: 02/28/21 | Event Date: 07/22/21 to 07/23/21

Location: Virtual

Call For Papers
Modern Studies in the Law of Trusts and Wealth Management 2021

22 Jul 2021 - 23 Jul 2021, Virtual

Post date: 01/22/21 | Abstract Deadline: 02/21/21 | Event Date: 06/8/21

Location: Virtual

Call for Papers:

The Influence, Legacy and Future of the European Court of Human Rights in the International Legal Order

8 June 2021


Post date: 01/19/21 | Abstract Deadline: 02/1/21 | Event Date: 10/29/21

Location: Virtual


Language Walls in International Law 

Call for Papers 

1. Object 

The practice and, to some extent, the very fabric of international law is  circumscribed to a few languages amongst which English and French are  undoubtedly the predominant ones.  

They bestride all the fields of international law. Those who do not have a reasonable  command of English and/or French can be de facto excluded from the microcosm  of international law studies and practice.  

Post date: 01/19/21 | Abstract Deadline: 03/1/21 | Event Date: 07/15/21

Location: Virtual


Post date: 01/19/21 | Abstract Deadline: 02/12/21 | Event Date: 04/30/21

Location: Virtual

PhD Workshop on International Law

The International Law Section invites abstracts from PhD researchers in international law (public or private) for a Workshop on International Law to be held on Friday 30 April. This event aims to convene PhD researchers to discuss their current projects and to receive feedback from the wider international law community. This initiative hopes to assist PhD researchers in building their networks and to provide space for them to engage with more senior colleagues from across the discipline.

Post date: 01/19/21 | Abstract Deadline: 01/22/21 | Event Date: 03/24/21 to 03/26/21

Location: Virtual

The International Legal Theory Interest Group of the American Society of International Law (ASIL) invites nominations for an International Legal Theory Scholarship Prize, to be bestowed at the ASIL Annual Meeting. This year’s prize will be awarded for the best article or book chapter in the field of international legal theory published in 2020 by a non-tenured scholar based at an institution in the United States, as determined by a committee of experts. The members of this year’s committee are Adil Haque, Karen Knop, John Linarelli, and Elizabeth Rodriguez-Santiago.

Post date: 01/19/21 | Abstract Deadline: 02/15/21 | Event Date: 10/1/21

Location: Jerusalem and Tel-Aviv

Call For Applications
Minerva Postdoctoral Fellowships in Transitional Justice

2021-2022 Postdoctoral Fellowships in Transitional Justice

The Minerva Center for Human Rights at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and Tel-Aviv University invites applications for Postdoctoral Fellowships in Transitional Justice (one at each location) for the 2021-2022 Academic Year.

Post date: 01/19/21 | Abstract Deadline: 02/10/21 | Event Date: 11/1/21

Location: N/A

Call For Applications
ECB Legal Research Program

The European Central Bank (ECB) is seeking applications from established scholars or promising early-career researchers for up to seven legal research scholarships to be awarded in 2021. The Legal Research Programme (LRP) was launched in 2008 to foster analysis of areas of law relevant to the ECB’s statutory tasks, and to establish closer contacts with scholars. The LRP scholarships will be awarded in two categories.