Call for Papers: Judicial Independence Symposium – Greensboro, NC



Event Date: 

09/27/19 to 09/28/19

Location name: 

Greensboro, NC


Elon Law Review

Celebrating 150 Years of Nine Justices While Wondering About the Supreme Court in Contemporary America

A Symposium to Assess Judicial Independence in 2019

To honor the sesquicentennial of the Judiciary Act of 1869 that established nine as the number of Justices to serve on the Supreme Court of the United States, Elon Law Review invites submissions for a symposium exploring how our High Court is affected by the circumstances of contemporary America. The symposium will be held on September 27, 2019, at Elon University School of Law in Greensboro, North Carolina.

Despite many efforts across 150 years to alter the number of Justices on the Supreme Court, nine seems to have taken on constitutional stature despite the absence of constitutional dictate as to size. This number has withstood much of the Reconstruction era, FDR’s Court packing plan, and proposals for a tenth administrative justice. Today’s hyper-partisan environment creates fresh calls for changes in the institutional organization of the Court that could well impact its substantive decision making. This one day symposium will review the history of partisan influence on the Supreme Court as well as consider contemporary challenges to the Court’s independence together with prospective effects that current changes could evoke.

Proposals for participation can be from perspectives as broad as political, socio-economic, critical, historical, ideological, organizational and reputational. An abstract of the scholarly paper to be presented should be submitted not later than February 28, 2019, to the Elon Law Review symposium editors at or  Accepted proposals will be organized into panels around common themes at the symposium.  Papers will be due by September 1, 2019, for presentation at the September 27, 2019, symposium and publication in the symposium issue of the Elon Law Review in 2020.