Call for Papers: “25 Years of the Colombian Constitution”



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Universidad Icesi, Colombia


Universidad Icesi, School of Law and Social Sciences

Universidad Icesi, School of Law and Social Sciences invites scholars to submit their academic contributions to the Forum “25 Years of the Colombian Constitution”.  The forum will take place in September 2016. Deadline for the submission of abstracts and introductions is March 28, 2016.

The thematic subjects for papers are as follows: ·

Theme 1: The 1991 Constitution and the transformations of legal education. In this line, works on education, didactic curriculum development and legal research, among others, will be accepted.

· Theme 2: Gender and the 1991 Constitution. This theme will group papers on gender, feminism, LGBTI activism, etc.

· Theme 3: The “constitutionalisation” of Colombian law: Tensions, achievements and challenges. Papers will be accepted on all areas of the law if this phenomenon is showcased; for example, Environmental, Private, Criminal, Commercial, Labor, and Procedural Law, etc.

·Theme 4: Colombian constitutionalism and Constitutional Courts in comparative law.

· Theme 5: The 1991 Constitution and constitutionalism of vulnerable groups. In this axis, works on the right to equality, dignity, and non-discrimination, as well as on the implementation of differential foci will be accepted.


From the Legal Scholarship Fund