Calling for papers: Transdisciplinary Conference on Gender



Event Date: 

09/7/16 to 09/10/16

Location name: 

The University of Arizona College of Law


The University of Arizona College of Law‘s Transgender Studies Quarterly

The University of Arizona College of Law‘s Transgender Studies Quarterly is calling for paper proposals for its September 7-10 conference Trans*studies. A 250 word abstract is due February 15, 2016. Send all materials and communications to

Trans*studies is a 4-day international academic conference that welcomes work from any field on any topic pertaining to transgender issues, sex/gender variance, gender nonconformity, and diverse embodiments-as well as work that draws upon trans* methodologies to inform research in other areas of inquiry. We are equally interested in showcasing work in the arts, humanities, and sciences (social, health, and physical), and seek the involvement of activists, culture workers, and members of trans* communities as well as scholars and students. In addition to keynote speakers and special evening performances, the conference will feature several transdisciplinary plenary panels aimed at fostering greater dialog among scholars whose approaches to and investments in trans* studies have historically differed, and opportunities to caucus and network in small groups around shared interests. It is our hope that this conference will help launch an international transgender studies association; the conference schedule will include a business meeting to discuss this possibility, and to entertain proposals to host future international conferences. Language of proposals and presentations should be in English if possible, but we will work to accommodate non-English-speaking participation to the best of our ability.

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