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Call for Book Chapters 

Fostering First Gen Success and Inclusion: A Guide for Law Schools Summary and Purpose of the Book 

Law schools continue to see an increasing number of first generation law students. A “first  generation” law student may be defined in different ways, but generally refers to law students whose  parents did not attend college. While first generation law students experience unique challenges, they  also bring tremendous skills and value to the institution. This book is designed to assist law schools  with creating an inclusive environment for first generation law students and to facilitate and foster  success for these students in all aspects of their law school journey, from coming to law school, to  being in law school, to passing the bar exam, and to succeeding in obtaining a career after  graduation.  

Call for Proposals 

We are looking for various contributors from the law school and legal community to write chapters  that further the purpose of this book. Below, please find the topics in which chapters are being  requested. The topics are broad with the intention to solicit a wide-range of chapters. Note that this  list is not exhaustive, and any chapter proposals that are focused on first generation law student  success and inclusion are welcome.  

▪ The First Generation Law Student Experience 

▪ BIPOC First Generation Law Student Experience  

▪ Pre-Law School Support 

▪ Orientation Programming 

▪ First Year Support and Academic Success Programming  

▪ Doctrinal Teaching Geared Towards First Gen Students 

▪ Legal Writing and the First Generation Writer 

▪ Moot Court, Law Review, and Other Student Organization Participation ▪ Career Development  

▪ Financial Advising and Support  

▪ Bar Exam Preparation for the First Gen Student  

▪ Post-Graduate and Alumni Support  

▪ Other Important Considerations 

Submission of Proposals  

In order to submit a chapter proposal, please prepare a document with the following: 

1. Your name,1 title, and affiliation; 

2. Working title of your chapter; 

3. A summary of your chapter in no more than 300 words; and  

4. The estimated length of your chapter.  

Please submit your proposal to Brittany Raposa at Chapter proposal submissions  are due by September 1, 2021.  

Working Submission Dates 

Below, please find the working submission dates for this project. 



September 1, 2021 

Chapter Proposal 

December 20, 2021 

Draft of Chapter 

February 15, 2022 

Revised Chapter

March 22, 2022 

Manuscript Due 


If you have any questions, please direct them to Thank you!  

1 Chapters can be written by more than one author. In the event of multiple authors, please send all names, titles, and  affiliations.


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