Call for Papers: International Business and Human Rights: Changes in International Law-making



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Stockholm, Sweden


ESIL Interest Group on Business and Human Rights

Call for Papers and Invitation to the IBHR IG Workshop Annual Conference of the European Society of International Law Stockholm University 9-11 September 2021

Call for Papers


International Business and Human Rights: Changes in International Law-making


The rapid pace of changes to law-making in the field of International Business and Human Rights poses several questions, some of which still remained unanswered. Due to the multifaceted global legal environment and the complexity of supply chains, risk assessment, and human rights impacts constitute essential elements of the various processes. However, there is a pre-eminence of soft law in this area making it difficult to appropriately integrate the elements into the processes. Equally, IBHR law-making processes are often informed and driven by domestic practice and case law and vice versa. Even if the legal systems are clearly intertwined, sometimes there are “hitches” when integrating the various elements. Along states, as traditional actors in public international law, the number of non-state actors participating in the processes has increased. Multinational corporations (MNCs), international organisations, non-governmental organisations, business associations and individuals contribute through various means to the processes, instilling their own views. Nevertheless, the limited access to law-making by non-state actors and the lack of appropriate channels impinges on the eminently transnational character of law-making in IBHR.

Areas of Interest

  • Actors involved in IBHR law-making;
  • The transnational character of IBHR law-making processes;
  • Codification in IBHR;
  • The value of soft law in law-making processes;
  • Non-state actors and law-making;
  • IBHR and states of emergency;
  • The role of human right impact assessments and the interactions with law-making;
  • IBHR and COVID-19 crisis; and
  • The status of the revised draft treaty on business and human rights.

Please more information about the conference here: Changes in International Law-making: Actors, Processes, Impact | programme.


Time and location

Date: 8th September 2021

Time: TBC

Place: University of Stockholm (TBC)



The Workshop is composed of two parts. The first part will be dedicated to the presentation and discussion of several papers. After the networking break, we will have a discussion with a special guest and a meeting with IG members. The detailed programme will be announced at the beginning of May 2021.


Call for papers

The discussion in the IBHR Interest Group will have the objective to foster an interdisciplinary exchange with leading experts from diverse academic disciplines and communities of practice.

The IG co-conveners will take the decision of acceptance and the applicants will be informed at the end of April 2021.



ESIL selection criteria:

  • Originality
  • Relevance to the theme
  • Geographical and gender balance How to submit:
    • CV and abstract (max 300 words) in PDF
    • Submission date deadline: 25th April 2021
    • Decision announced: 10th May 2021
    • Please email CV and abstracts to

We wish everyone a successful academic year and are looking forward to meeting you at our annual workshop! For any questions, please email any of the members of the Coordinating Committee.


Your conveners:

Prof. Belen Olmos Giupponi, Kingston University, London Dr. Mara Tignino, University of Geneva

Prof. Angelica Bonfanti, University of Milan

Dr. Mihaela Barnes, Visiting Fellow, Lauterpacht Centre for International Law, Cambridge University



Important Information

The Interest Group is unable to provide funding for travel and accommodation. Selected speakers will be expected to bear the costs of their own travel and accommodation.

Some ESIL travel grants and ESIL carers’ grants will be available to offer partial financial support to speakers who have exhausted other potential sources of funding. Please see the ESIL website for all relevant information about the conference.

All participants at ESIL Interest Group workshops are required to register for the Annual Conference. There will be an option to register just for one day to attend the workshop. However, all participants are warmly invited to attend the entire event.

Selected speakers can indicate their interest in being considered for the ESIL Young Scholar Prize, if they meet the eligibility conditions as stated on the ESIL website. The ESIL Secretariat must be informed of all speakers who wish to be considered for the Prize before 15 May 2021.